Contented's Trivago commercial featured as case study on global agency Genero's website. by Neil Dowling

Neil and Nils' Trivago commercial for East Asian markets has been featured as a case study by Genero, a Melbourne based global agency that we have worked with several times over the years.

The commercial, shot in Seoul, was adapted from a European commercial Trivago made in Barcelona some years before. This new version of the commercial has run in Korea and other East Asian countries with dubbed dialogue for local audiences.

The gist of the commercial for non Korean speakers is that after the couple finally settles on their ideal location and room, they get comfy in their PJs, and then decide to have a late night snack. They 'pop' out for some street food but realising they are not appropriately dressed decide they should probably get room service next time.

Watch the video here and see how Genero highlights the importance of local knowledge for their clients.