My Canada Starts Here - Jimmy Sebulime

Role - Producer Director Shooter

This short profile of Jimmy Sebulime, a Ugandan who came to Canada in 1990 and now works with young people in both countries, is part of a series of films about immigrants to Canada that have used the services of the YMCA-YWCA of the National Capital Region to help them start a new life.

My Canada Starts Here - Bilal

Bilal talks about his journey from war torn Syria to Canada where he has been inspired by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

My Canada Starts Here - Linda

Role - Producer Director Shooter

Linda talks about her decision to relocate to Canada in order to give her son a better education, and how the YMCA is helping her prepare to enter the Canadian workforce.

My Canada Starts Here - Omar Jammeh

Role - Producer Director Shooter

Part of a series of profile films of newcomers to Canada who avail of the services of the YMCA-YWCA of the National Capital Region. Omar sought refuge in Canada after having been jailed and tortured in Gambia for his sexuality. He now works in fashion retail in Ottawa.

My Canada Starts Here - Patient

Role - Producer Director Shooter

At seven years old Patient witnessed his family being gunned down during the civil war in Congo. He has now started a new life in Canada and a career having been through the YMCA's Power of Trades program.